Sunday, January 8, 2012

"STAND OUT" instead of "fitting in"


I live my life by a few sayings. When it comes to fashion one of them is "STAND OUT instead of fitting in". People tend to shy away from making themselves feel comfortable in there attire, beacause of negative critism they think they would get. So that person may start following a trend instead of leading there own. NOT ME, no matter the place "STANDING OUT" is me.....
Sticking with the military look.Here I present a pair of customized fatigue cargo pants. The thought of me doing what i would normally do to a jacket sounded real dope to do on a pair of pants. Patchwork has been done to the front right leg, and the back left leg. Theres also pins added, along with roping to my jacket to give it a different look. LOVE MY FRESH

  • Top- Vintage Vanguard Motorcycle Jacket
  • Top- The Outcast American Flag tee
  • Pants- Customized LOVE MY FRESH fatigue cargos
  • Shoes- Red Wing 877 Boots
  • Accessories- Gold Casio watch, Herringbone chain 

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