Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unrecognized Trendsetter

"Respect Our Services Fatigue Vest" LOVE MY FRESH branded
Back @ it introducing another custom piece envisioned & created by myself. Notice the add on pieces on the shoulder, giving the vest a militry style look.
As you can see im tryna portray a message. Can u relate? Do you understand?
Unrecognized Trendsetter.. LOVE MY FRESH

  • Hat- OBEY
  • Jeans- BDG (ash black)
  • Shirt- NYPD
  • Shoes- TOMS (brown zebra print limited)


  1. this shit is garbage!!!!! Its a true insult to real punk rockers...your vest and jackets look stupid as hell. If you we're going for the douche bag hipster "im the black guy who want to stand out from the other black guys who happen to dress like "rock stars" look and throw random stupid patches on a vest" then your outfits look great!

  2. Wow Your Some Kind Of Hater Anonymous I Like To See Your Blog MR OR MRS BIG TIME You Know It Jerks Like You That Give People That Trying To Do Something With Them Self A Bad Name...

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