Saturday, June 11, 2011


"Respect Our Services" Jean Vest: Customized & Envisioned by myself..

My mind is pouring out with ideas, you can see it my eyes im thinking bout somthing else FRESH while displaying a new piece lol. As like the Jean Jacket the Vest is compilled up of many pathces representing our armed forces. On the back its a special patch for the lost in JAPAN, not too many people care, but take a step back and imagine that being you. Show LOVE. LOVE MY FRESH
  • Top- Vintage Champion Michael Jordan Jersey
  • Shoes- Air Jordan  2 Retro
  • Shorts-  Fatigue by Rothco

Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Respect our Services" Jean Jacket: Customized & Envisioned by myself..

My mind has so many ideas to contribute to fashion, so why not create a visual of my thoughts. This Jean Jacket is compilled up of many patches representing our armed forces, in which many would not allow to be in one setting. But since they fight for us, why not acknowledge them.
  • Hat- OBEY
  • Jeans- BDG
  • Shoes- Chucks
  • Vest- Thrift Store


Unrecognized Trendsetter

As you sit and think "what to wear"?don't think of it as being weird, but as being yourself. "MY FRESH" that's what I call it. Fashion is LIFE and theres nothing wrong with being different. being different seperates you and I from them. them being the ones trying to fit instead of standing out. Forget what others may say Fashion represents individuality, so let the world see it and embrace it.. LOVE MY FRESH