Tuesday, March 27, 2012


L.M.F Denim Vest x Punk Hoodie

Lately my thoughts have been all over the place with this fashion, sitting here just thinking whats next for me. So i've came to a conclusion to just turn it up a notch, think outside the box and create more thorough pieces. Be True to this.. Be Real to this.. TRILL $HIT..

  • Top- Originally BDG, but reconstructed into a LOVE MY FRESH Punk Hoodie
  • Pants- BDG Black Ripped Denim
  • Shoes- High Top Black Chuck Taylors (Bleached)
  • Eyewear- Ray Bans
  • & of course the "crazy hot" denim vest LOVE MY FRESH


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ROC Nation Jahlil Beats x LOVE MY FRESH

23 yr old Producer/Artist Jahlil Beats chose music to stand out from the violence that over shawdowed his hometown Chester,PA 15mins away from my city Philadelphia, PA. With his love & passion for music he learned audio engineering and since the age of 12 began a 10 year grind to become one of Hip Hops rising super producers. I remember hearing one of  his beats that had Philly's own Meek Mill track "Rose Red" a street banger, and from then on i've been following. Applying his signature intro on almost every track to let the listeners know this is me, Jahlil Beats is mos def "standing out, instead of fitting in". Now signed to Jay-Z's ROC Nation in the company with Kanye West theres no way you can say he didnt make it. With that being said its dope that he recognized MY FRESH which allowed me to lace him with a dope LOVE MY FRESH denim vest.

Listen out for tracks he produced for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, 50 cent, Bow Wow, Jim Jones, Meek Mill and more. Jahlil has grinded his way into becoming one of the best producers in music.

twitter/instagram @JahlilBeats

LOVE MY FRESH.........

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Camo Down

L.M.F Fatigue Jacket

When it comes to street style fatigue is a key essential to have in ones wardrobe. Here i took a military fatigue jacket & freshened it up a bit. Certain things cum into play when i wear fatigue, to me the colors yellow & mostly red adds flavor to the look. To distinguish yourself from others wearing fatigue jackets or any item thats becoming popular you have to think outside the box. I took a plaid long sleeve shirt and tied it around my waste, sum may say thats feminine but you have to be confident to pull it off.. This is fashion LOVE MY FRESH

  • T-shirt- NYPD
  • Hoodie- BDG
  • Jeans- Diesel
  • Boots- Cipo & Baxx
  • Plaid shirt- Merona 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"STAND OUT" instead of "fitting in"


I live my life by a few sayings. When it comes to fashion one of them is "STAND OUT instead of fitting in". People tend to shy away from making themselves feel comfortable in there attire, beacause of negative critism they think they would get. So that person may start following a trend instead of leading there own. NOT ME, no matter the place "STANDING OUT" is me.....
Sticking with the military look.Here I present a pair of customized fatigue cargo pants. The thought of me doing what i would normally do to a jacket sounded real dope to do on a pair of pants. Patchwork has been done to the front right leg, and the back left leg. Theres also pins added, along with roping to my jacket to give it a different look. LOVE MY FRESH

  • Top- Vintage Vanguard Motorcycle Jacket
  • Top- The Outcast American Flag tee
  • Pants- Customized LOVE MY FRESH fatigue cargos
  • Shoes- Red Wing 877 Boots
  • Accessories- Gold Casio watch, Herringbone chain 

Fashion Designer of the Week

"Twitter Celebrity"? NO thats not me, but Twitter is a great way to network in any occupation or interest as a hobby. I came across a few people who have similiar intentions i do within the social network. Evie Garcia @karamelkiss214 is a fashion blogger for http://www.karamelkiss.com/ also known as http://www.sxyvee.com/ who ive came across lookin to showcase up incoming designers, who often dont get that much recognition. Each week she gives a Designer the opportunity to get more attention and i happen to be one of them.

check me out

Essence Magazine

Street Style: Urban Man

In the month of October i got the opportunity to appear in Essensce Magazines Street Style: Urban Man section. The magazine has been showcasing different styles of not just designers or models but also the ordinary person that has a fashion sense. Check out not only MY FRESh but others FRESH aswell.

Check me out displaying a LOVE MY FRESH denim customized vest aswell as a crewneck...

S/O to the Photographer from Essence: Hannan Saleh http://www.hannansaleh.com/ & the good brother Curran J Swint @Curran_J of http://www.kingsruletogether.com/ for the opportunity.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unrecognized Trendsetter

"Respect Our Services Fatigue Vest" LOVE MY FRESH branded
Back @ it introducing another custom piece envisioned & created by myself. Notice the add on pieces on the shoulder, giving the vest a militry style look.
As you can see im tryna portray a message. Can u relate? Do you understand?
Unrecognized Trendsetter.. LOVE MY FRESH

  • Hat- OBEY
  • Jeans- BDG (ash black)
  • Shirt- NYPD
  • Shoes- TOMS (brown zebra print limited)