Sunday, January 29, 2012

Camo Down

L.M.F Fatigue Jacket

When it comes to street style fatigue is a key essential to have in ones wardrobe. Here i took a military fatigue jacket & freshened it up a bit. Certain things cum into play when i wear fatigue, to me the colors yellow & mostly red adds flavor to the look. To distinguish yourself from others wearing fatigue jackets or any item thats becoming popular you have to think outside the box. I took a plaid long sleeve shirt and tied it around my waste, sum may say thats feminine but you have to be confident to pull it off.. This is fashion LOVE MY FRESH

  • T-shirt- NYPD
  • Hoodie- BDG
  • Jeans- Diesel
  • Boots- Cipo & Baxx
  • Plaid shirt- Merona 


  1. Big fan of the camo fatigue jacket.


    Sabir M. Peele

  2. Shit is DOPE AS FUCK!!!